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Start an apparel campaign for yourself or your clients. You pay nothing for starting a campaign and their is no risk. When the campaign is over, we send you the profits. We handle all the fulfillment. No inventory. No managing orders. No payment from you, orders are paid online by the buyer. You launch your campaign and promote it. We pay you the profits.

What is a campaign?

For a limited time, 7-21 days as you choose, a campaign sells printed t-shirts and apparel online to raise donations or profits. As sales increase, the shirt costs decrease. When the campaign deadline is reached, we fulfill the orders.

How are profits calculated?

When you create your campaign, you can see the profits based on how many shirts you sell, the design and your sell price that you set. Calculated profits can be seen anytime from your control panel. Funds are determined by subtracting the shirt and printing costs. Costs reduce based on the number of shirts sold with breaks at 24, 48, 96, 144, 250 and 500.

How are profits Paid?

When your campaign ends, we send you the profits by PayPal or check if you prefer, within 1-2 weeks.

How Does It Work?

Pick Your Shirt

Select the style t-shirt, hoodie, or other product you want to offer.

Design Your Shirt

Simply upload your graphic or create a design online using a huge library of fonts, clipart and templates.

Set Goal & Price

Set a price & goal for your shirts.Your wholesale base cost reduces with the more you sell, regardless of the price you set.

Configure Campaign

Add a description and select the length of your campaign. You will have a unique webpage & shopping cart to promote.

Promote Web Page

Your webpage includes links for sharing by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. Share your store url anyway you wish.

Collect Your Funds

When campaign ends, we send the profits by PayPal within 2 weeks. Profits calculate by quantity of shirts sold with breaks at 24, 48, 96, 144, 250 and 500.

We Fulfill Orders

When the campaign is complete, we print all the orders in bulk and ship them individually to your customers.
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